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Authorized Milling Partners

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An Authorized Milling Partner is a milling center with coordinated processes approved by Ivoclar Vivadent. The milling center will benefit from:

  • high-precision restorations with an excellent surface quality
  • high quality standards: materials and restorations are scientifically tested
  • coordinated products and systems to finalize the restorations

Our partners are:

Core 3D Centres

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The Core 3D Centres form a global network of milling centres equipped with high-performance CAD/CAM technology.


Wieland Precision Technology

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Wieland Precision Technology offers an array of materials for your precision milled restorations including high quality, precision milled Zenostar® Full Contour Zirconia, Zenotec® copings and frameworks, IPS e.max® CAD restorations and Telio® CAD high strength temporary restorations. All materials are metal-free, milled to the precise replica of your CAD design in the material you need to meet the demands of patients seeking the perfect smile.



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Ivoclar Vivadent and Straumann cooperate in the fabrication of restorations for meeting today’s esthetic requirements.



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Bego is a tenured dental materials and equipment company. Their production center is committed to innovation and quality, producing restorations to meet the esthetic demands of today.


Zimmer Zfx

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Zimmer Zfx Milling Centers have a global network of facilities utilizing their expertise to produce highly esthetic restorations for natural teeth as well as implants.