Ivoclar Vivadent
United States and Canada


Implant Esthetics

Implant esthetics is a comprehensive approach towards the restoration of implant retained and implant supported prostheses. From planning to fabrication, each component is specifically designed to deliver optimal results. From treatment planning to implant restoration and implant care, Ivoclar Vivadent can provide the appropriate solution for every step of the treatment process.


Before beginning any surgically integrated implant procedure, sound planning is important for a successful functional and esthetic implant-supported restoration.


To facilitate accurate implant placement, communicating the exact position of the implant is anecessary prerequisite. Ivoclar Vivadent has developed a unique system to optimize implant stent fabrication in order to assure a predictable esthetic and functional outcome.

Temporary Restorations

Creating ideal temporary restorations with implant therapy is critical in establishing a foundation for esthetic implant restorations. Site development, occlusion and esthetics all play an important role in determining the final outcome.

Permanent and Removable Restorations

Proven materials for your implant-retained and removable restorations


When permanently cementing your implant restorations, having complete confidence and control of your implant cement is critical to the long-term success of both the implant and the restoration.