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Zenostarmagnifying glass

Zenostar Zirconia

The new Zenostar® zirconia system is the only zirconia system to share the IPS e.max® shade concept. The extensive zirconia options are integrated with IPS e.max to create an expanded all-ceramic system that integrates different materials into one system for many indications.

Zenostar discs are available in three translucencies, each of which is comprised of a variety of shades and thicknesses. An appropriate disc can easily be selected depending on the indication and esthetic or functional needs of the final restoration. With a wide range of processing options, the Zenostar system offers a variety of solutions for the efficient and individual production of dental prostheses made of zirconium oxide.

Full Contour:

• Stain and glaze with IPS e.max® Ceram or IPS Ivocolor®.
• Shade Zenostar discs using Zenostar Color Zr infiltration liquids.


• Cutback and layer with IPS e.max Ceram
• Press over Zenostar with IPS e.max ZirPress
• CAD-On veneering solutions with IPS e.max CAD

Zenostar MT

Zenostar MT has been specifically engineered to optimize translucency without greying or excess brightness in the intraoral environment. Zenostar MT is the solution for full contour zirconia restorations when a balance of strength and esthetics is desired. Indications include single unit restorations as well as up to 3-unit bridges in the anterior and posterior regions.

Zenostar T

Zenostar T is the best full contour zirconia option when durability is a must. It is ideal for long-span monolithic bridges and cases in which only minimal occlusal reduction is possible. Zenostar T provides the highest strength for full contour restorations in the Zenostar system. Indications include single unit restorations as thin as 0.4 mm as well as long-span bridges.

Zenostar MO

Zenostar MO offers a high degree of esthetics when layered with IPS e.max. The opacity of Zenostar MO substructures aides in masking discolored preparations or titanium abutments. Indications include layered single unit restorations and long-span bridges.

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