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Variolink Veneer

Variolink Veneer is a purely light-curing luting composite that offers exceptional esthetics.

Variolink Veneer offers seven light-cured value shades to enhance the esthetics of the final restoration. The Medium Value (MV 0) is very translucent and has little effect on the final restoration. The High Values allow the clinician to brighten or increase the value and the Low Values provide a "warming" effect to the final restoration.


  • High shade stability due to a specific amine-reduced formulation
  • Available in 7 shades with very high translucency
  • Easy removal of excess
  • Low wear, good polishing properties
  • High bond strength


  • Adhesive cementation of translucent all-ceramic restorations with a thickness of < 2.0 mm (veneers, inlays, onlays)


High Value +3, High Value +2, High Value +1, Medium Value 0, Low Value –1,
Low Value –2, Low Value –3

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