Ivoclar Vivadent
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This product forms a part of the Direct Restoratives product category.

Adhese Universal

Adhese® Universal is a single-component, light cured universal dental adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures. Adhese Universal is compatible with all etching techniques: self-etch, selective enamel- etch and total-etch.  It is available in the unique VivaPen® delivery form, as well as in the traditional bottle. 

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  • Single dental bonding agent adhesive for all materials and etching techniques
  • Reduced postoperative sensitivity because dentin surfaces are effectively sealed
  • Convenient and economical dispensing from the VivaPen (up to 190 applications)
  • The VivaPen keeps material fresh to ensure consistently high bond strength
  • Accurate fit of indirect restorations due to the low film thickness
  • Dental adhesive is stable at room temperature
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  • Direct-placed light-curing composite and compomer restorations
  • Direct-placed core build-ups with light-, self- and dual-curing composites
  • Adhesive cementation of indirect restorations with light- and dual-curing luting composites
  • Repair of fractured composite and compomer restorations

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