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SpeedCEM™ speeds up cementation procedures and eliminates the need for conditioning
tooth preparations and the application of bonding agents. Indicated for all situations where
conventional cementation is suitable, the system offers faster and easier processing than
traditional conventional cements.
•  No etching with phosphoric acid
•  No primers or bonding agents
•  No hand mixing
•  No mixing capsules
•  No capsule activators, mixing devices or injectors
SpeedCEM™ is packaged in a double-push syringe with an automix tip allowing for direct application
into the restoration. There is no need for additional accessories or mixing devices. Simply dispense
the amount of cement desired for a perfect mix every time.
SpeedCEM™ is indicated for the
conventional cementation of indirect
restorations made of:
•  Metal and metal-ceramics
•  High-strength all-ceramics
   (zirconium oxide, lithium
   disilicate and aluminum oxide)
•  Fiber-reinforced composite
SpeedCEM™ is available in three shades with varying degrees of translucency for enhanced esthetic options.
The acidic adhesion promoter (MDP) provides true self-adhesion to enamel, dentin and
most restorative surfaces eliminating the need for additional primers or bonding agents.
SpeedCEM™ is easier to use than conventional cements
and offers the additional benefits of resin-based cements.
• Self-cure and light-cure options
• Higher physical properties
• Adhesion to dentin and enamel
• Shade and translucency options
• Lower water solubility
• Easier removal of excess
• Radiopacity