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    The TOP SELLING Broad Spectrum Light Sold Through Dealers


    Research shows that inadequate curing of resin-based materials may lead to post-operative sensitivity and other clinical failures. Most published studies show that curing lights used in offices around the world often deliver inadequate light and that dentists were unaware that their lights were unable to properly cure their restorations.1 One common pitfall leading to a faulty cure is when the curing light has the wrong wavelength spectrum for the material being cured.

    Some LED curing lights such as Bluephase Style (Ivoclar Vivadent), Valo (Ultradent) and Smartlite Max (Dentsply Sirona)2 have broad spectrum similar to the spectrum of halogen lights. This broad spectrum helps ensure the proper curing of all photoinitiators in all dental materials. Valo is sold direct and Smartlite Max has been discontinued, which makes Bluephase the broadest-spectrum light of all leading-brand curing lights sold through dealers.

    Bluephase Style has two blue LEDs that emit light in the wavelength range between 430 and 515 to activate CQ and a third violet LED that emits light in the wavelength range between 385 and 430 to activate the alternative photoinitiators. These different color LEDs along with propriety software is what broadens the curing spectrum and enables the proper polymerization of all dental materials.

    1Price R. Curious Curing. Dental Town. July 2016.

    2Valo and Smartlite are not trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent.