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    Submitting Ideas and Inventions

    Ivoclar Vivadent (“Ivoclar”) is an innovative company striving to bring the most advanced products to dentistry. Ivoclar is occasionally approached with product ideas by people unaffiliated with Ivoclar.  We are open to receiving unsolicited ideas, but be aware that we have a skilled research and development team that are actively developing new ideas and inventions in many different areas of dentistry. There is a good chance the idea you are submitting has already been developed by our research and development team.

    We have policies and procedures in place to avoid misunderstandings and to protect us in case an idea submitted is similar or the same as technology that was already created, or in the process of being developed, by Ivoclar. We strongly advise that you carefully consider our policies and the Terms of Submission, and do everything you consider necessary to protect your rights before submitting an idea.

    Terms of Submission

    It is agreed that no confidential relationship or obligation of secrecy is to be established between the submitter of an idea or materials and Ivoclar. In submitting your idea, materials, thoughts or proposal, please be aware that short of granted patent rights or an executed agreement to the contrary, your opening correspondence or dialogue with Ivoclar will not be held confidential and may be used by us without restriction and will be treated according to these Terms.

    The submitter does not grant any rights to Ivoclar under existing or future patents, however, except for claims of patent infringement, Ivoclar shall have the unrestricted right to use and disclose any submitted ideas and materials. Ivoclar seeks no licenses or other rights under patents that may be associated with a submission. We urge any submitters to be guided by their own attorneys as to the desirability of seeking patents and as to the fair value of any patent. Since patents are sometimes inadvertently granted on ideas which are, in fact, old or obvious, Ivoclar reserves its rights to contest the validity, infringement or enforceability of any patent. Others may freely copy unpatented products and processes and, therefore, Ivoclar is unwilling to accept any restrictions on its use or disclosure of submitted ideas, except for claims arising under patents. if Ivoclar decides that it is interested in the submission or any related patent rights the appropriate compensation may be determined by negotiations with the submitter.

    Should you have an idea you wish to submit it to Ivoclar Vivadent, please submit it to us by e-mail at  If after reviewing the submission it is determined that Ivoclar wishes to further explore the idea that is submitted, Ivoclar representatives will contact you directly.