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    The Ivoclar Digital Denture was designed to be to be deeply integrated into the digital laboratory for the production of esthetic dentures. Advanced digital denture design software, milling materials, milling processes, and a completely coordinated workflow, provide a high level of comfort and control. With full support, education, and training, Ivoclar Vivadent is committed to helping you shape your digital future.

    Scan and Design

    Digital Denture Professional

    Add-on software module exclusively from Ivoclar Digital. The software allows for complete design control, enabling you to change the shape of the denture teeth, rotate and pull teeth to close gaps and create the perfect functional occlusion. No more re-sets, with a click of the mouse remove molars and pre-molars. Save valuable time by using the full arch set-up function to access Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth preset in a complete dental arch.

    • Ivoclar Vivadent tooth library: BlueLine®, SR Vivodent® S DCL, Phonares® II
    • Full arch set-up function
    • Exclusive clinical tools and workflow options
    • Patent Pending Oversize Milling Process

    Call +1 (800) 533-6825 to order your Ivoclar Digital Denture Module


    In the field of Removable Prosthetics, denture production is becoming completely digital and the success of this process starts with the materials. Take control of your digital denture workflow with SR Vivodent® CAD, IvoBase® CAD, and the IvoBase® CAD Bond kit from Ivoclar Vivadent. The 98.5 mm tooth-colored SR Vivodent® CAD discs and gingiva-colored IvoBase® CAD discs form the basis for this digital procedure. The IvoBase® CAD Bond Kit coordinates with both discs as it is the self-curing polymerization system that creates a high strength bond and monolithic integrity.

    SR Vivodent® CAD

    Made from a highly wear resistant Double Cross- Linked resin material for the production of permanent denture teeth.The very high esthetics can be attributed to its low opacity, natural fluorescence and optimal translucency.

    Learn more about SR Vivodent CAD


    SR Vivodent® CAD Multi

    SR Vivodent® CAD Multi is the only tooth material with natural layering to provide a beautiful and esthetic appearance and indicated for permanent denture teeth with the innovative Pearl Structure Effect, an exceptionally harmonious shade gradation is achieved, which imparts the dentures with high esthetics.

    Learn more about SR Vivodent CAD Multi


    IvoBase® CAD

    The PMMA material is distinguished by its high impact quality. This enhances the fracture resistance and flexural strength and increases the longevity of the restoration. In addition, the industrial manufacturing process ensures a homogeneous material resulting in a high-quality denture base.

    Learn more about IvoBase CAD


    Mill your digital dentures with the new powerful machines from the innovative PrograMill® platform range or in an existing Zenotec® select system. The perfect coordination of the materials and the CAD and CAM software with the milling units, produces precise and high quality dentures.


    PrograMill PM7

    The PrograMill PM7 system comes with the full PrograMill CAM V4 software that allows for milling of all Ivoclar Digital materials and accepts the proprietary CAM5 output from 3Shape for the patent pending milling process of Ivoclar Digital Dentures.

    Learn more about PrograMill PM7

    For existing Zenotec select mill owners

    The Zenotec select 5-axis milling systems can be upgraded to allow for the full Ivoclar Digital Denture process. Simply purchase the upgrade from Zenotec CAM V3 to PrograMill CAM V4 and the respective digital denture disc holders designed for use in either model of the Zenotec select.

    To purchase your Zenotec CAM upgrade, please call +1 (800) 533-6825


    Clinical Tools and Support

    The system only requires an analog impression and jaw relation to get started. The Ivoclar Digital Denture system has many input options available from traditional impressions and bites, wax rims and models, or a wash impression in an existing denture. A clinician does not have to change the way they take impressions and capture the bite relation.

    Available to use with Ivoclar Digital Denture Professional Add-on software



    Defines Camper’s plane and bipupillary line. Compatible with the Centric Tray

    Learn more about UTS CAD

    Centric Tray

    Centric Tray

    Preliminary jaw record. Utilize putty with the centric tray to take the jaw record

    Learn more about Centric Tray

    Gnathometer CAD (Centric Tracer)

    Gnathometer CAD

    This optional tracing device attaches to the 3d Bite plate and is used to determine (CR) centric relation.

    Learn more about Gnathometer CAD

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