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    Fluor Protector / Fluor Protector S

    Fluor Protector is a protective varnish with fluoride.

    Varnish spreads easily and readily flows into complex surface structures. It dries quickly and shows excellent adhesion to teeth. Many years of clinical experience and numerous international studies confirm the effectiveness of Fluor Protector. Fluor Protector is suitable for treating children, adolescents and adults.

    • Hypersensitivity: Defense against external stimuli in exposed cervicals
    • Superior protection
    • Fluoride concentration of 0.1%
    • Improved treatment of hard-to-reach problem areas
    • Clear, colorless, fast-drying varnish
    Benefits for the practice team
    • Targeted professional application
    • Early prevention measure
    • Highly esthetic results


    Fluor Protector S is a fluoride-containing protective varnish for treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity, exposed cervicals and sensitivity. The innovative formulation ensures immediate availability of fluoride that is safe and suitable for all ages. The unique 1.5% ammonium fluoride formula allows the varnish to be completely homogenous and maintain excellent flow and wetting properties. It even flows easily into hard to reach interproximal areas. The fluoride content is equivalent to .77%, or 7700ppm at application. The concentration increases nearly four times higher (approximately 30,000ppm) once the varnish has set after interacting with the saliva. The innovative formula of Fluor Protector S provides for excellent adhesion to the tooth surface and fast absorption into enamel for long term protection from acid attacks. The varnish hardens to a thin clear film on the tooth surface, providing a highly esthetic result for patients. Fluor Protector S is supplied in a high-yielding multi-dose form and individually portioned single dose units.

    • Treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity
    • Treatment of exposed cervicals
    • Treatment of sensitivity after tooth whitening
    • Easy and immediate application of fluoride: No mixing, stirring or measuring involved
    • 7700 ppm fluoride in a homogeneous solution; approx. four-times higher concentration after setting, nearly 30,000ppm
    • Excellent adhesion to the tooth’s surface providing fast absorption into the enamel
    • Varnish hardens to a thin, smooth layer. No thick, clumpy, or sticky feeling for patients after the treatment
    Benefits for the practice
    • Fluor Protector S hardens to a thin, transparent layer on the tooth surface in only 60 sec., providing a high esthetic result!
    • Patients can eat and drink 1hr. after application
    • Safe for children and adolescents due to the low fluoride concentration at application
    • All teeth are equally protected by a controlled dosed amount of fluoride due to the completely homogenous varnish