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    Harvest Dental

    Dental products, creative and expressive.


    There is a direct connection between art and culture, where the distinct and creative spirit of a human being comes alive.  Literature, music, visual and performing arts – these are the highest levels of expression that inspire us, because they initiate, through the vessel of creation, a connection with the culture.

    As a brand rooted in the culture of lab life, Harvest was also created to be a human expression – refreshing and alive - that represents a way of thinking, being, and feeling. Only when the vision and creation become inseparable, is a Harvest product released to the market.  This product is our vessel. 


    The vision is the projection of the brand into the future based on our clearly defined purpose – it’s whom we want to be and what we want to be known for – that is, a charismatic brand of passionate innovations seeking to refresh and revitalize the dental segment by simplifying everyday lab life. 


    The spirit of Harvest is disruptive at its core. The brand is always studying market conventions in search of catalysts for creative rupture.  Our strategy is not to follow category norms, but to disrupt them.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

    Harvest Dental views the rules of conformity not as an enemy, but as a tool.  We use it to uncover what everyone else is doing, identify where the market is stuck, and create something that is dynamic.

    Smile…you’re about to be refreshed.