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Heliomolar HB

Packable, microfilled composite

Heliomolar HB

Heliomolar HB is the first packable microfilled composite for posterior teeth.

Heliomolar HB is the packable high-viscosity version of the tried-and-tested Heliomolar restorative. Based on the same chemistry as Heliomolar, Heliomolar HB offers the same advantages in regard to esthetics, radiopacity and working time. In addition to the well-known properties of Heliomolar, Heliomolar HB offers further benefits.


  • Good handling properties
    Highly viscous, packable consistency which allows tight proximal contacts to be established
  • Low wear
  • Esthetics
    Heliomolar HB is based on microfiller technology and is therefore polishable to a smooth and long-lasting high-gloss finish
  • Five shades available