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    IPS Empress CAD for PrograMill

    IPS Empress CAD for PrograMill are leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic blocks for the efficient CAD/CAM production of all-ceramic single tooth restorations. They have brilliant light-optical properties and due to a flexural strength of 185 MPa*, IPS Empress CAD blocks give all-ceramic restorations a high degree of stability.

    IPS Empress CAD for PrograMill blocks are available in multiple translucencies for specific usage. The highlight of the IPS Empress CAD system are the polychromatic Multi blocks. These blocks have a natural gradation of shade and fluorescence from the dentin to the incisal edge, giving them a natural appearance, even without additional characterization. Grind – polish – and you’re done!

    For other cases, the natural brightness value of the LT blocks has been especially perfected for crowns and veneers, while the pronounced chameleon effect of the monochromatic HT blocks makes it ideal for inlays and onlays. 


    • Veneers
    • Inlays, onlays
    • Partial crowns
    • Crowns