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    IPS InLine One

    The revolutionary Dentcisal powder that requires only one layering application.

    IPS InLine One is the perfect material when cases need to be completed as efficiently as possible. Featuring the revolutionary dentcisal powders – a specially formulated blend of dentin and incisal materials – dental technicians now have a cost effective, easy, and efficient option to achieve beautiful esthetics and reliable shade matching with just a single layer application.

    IPS InLine One follows the shade concept of the company’s press-on-metal system IPS InLine POM. It includes six regular and one bleach shade sufficient to produce restorations matching all A-D shades. IPS InLine One is available as an A2 or A3 trial kit, a comprehensive basic kit, or individual dentcisal refills.


    Beautiful esthetics created with just a single layer application.


    Enjoy up to 30% time savings compared to conventional layering ceramics.


    Perfect shade matching using only seven shades.

    Whether as standalone or part of a complete system, IPS InLine One gives you more options to create PFM cases of outstanding beauty and unmatched efficiency.

    • Ceramic Alloys
    • Implant Alloys
    • Predominantly Base Alloys
    • Ceramic Furnaces
    • Press Furnaces
    • Investment Materials
    • Multilink Automix