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    OptraSculpt / OptraSculpt Pad

    Non-stick instruments for faster more precise contouring of composite in the anterior and posterior.

    OptraSculpt Next Generation

    Time saving instrument for efficient contouring of composite restorations. The instrument consists of a high-quality autoclavable handle as well as specially designed disposable modelling tips in three different shapes.

    The new instrument includes:

    • Three attachment shapes for the professional creation of anatomical tooth structures: ball, pointed tip, chisel
    • Optimum working angle for the posterior region
    • Hygienic dispenser box for easy access to attachments


    • Easy adaptation: Non-stick properties reduce the stickiness of the composite versus the instrument
    • Professional esthetics: No marks left by the instrument on the restoration surface
    • High efficiency: Efficient, easy contouring due to specially adjusted attachment shapes. Reduces effort in finishing and polishing


    Adaptation, shaping and contouring of uncured sculptable composite restoratives. OptraSculpt is particularly suitable for the sculpting and contouring of Class I, II and V restorations.

    OptraSculpt Pad

    OptraSculpt Pad is a contouring instrument with special foam pad attachments, which is designed for the efficient, non-stick forming and shaping of composites.

    The highly flexible synthetic foam pads optimally adjust to the anatomical contours and allow a smooth modelling, without leaving any unwanted marks. The reference scales on the instrument handle assist in the creation of esthetic and anatomically-correct restorations.


    • The non-stick surface of the foam pad attachments prevents the adhesion of composite resins
    • The instrument does not leave any marks and therefore ensures the creation of even surfaces
    • The reference scales on the instrument handle ensure professional esthetic results


    • Suitable for adapting, shaping and contouring uncured packable composite and compomer materials in Class III, IV and V restorations and direct laminate veneers