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    Physioset CT Porcelain

    PhysioSet CT – Master Class

    In dentistry, more than 80% of all crowns and bridges are made individually from porcelain. This is a naturally esthetic and highly durable material that refracts light similarly to dental enamel. Selected raw materials provide a combination of different shade pigments, and controlled firing provides the high resistance to abrasion, translucency, color stability and natural appearance.

    • Complete Dentures
    • Original Swissedent Moulds
    • 10 layers provide for a highly esthetic appearance
    • 30 Maxillary Anterior Moulds
    • 8 Mandibular Anterior Moulds
    • 3 Occlusal Schemes:22° Semi-Anatomic
    • Lingualized Occlusal - Gerber Concept
    • AutoCentric
    • 16 Candulor Shades
    • Total Satisfaction Guaranteed