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Physiostar NFC

PhysioStar NFC+ – Master Class

Using nature as a model, the PhysioStar NFC+ are precision crafted with Nano Hybrid Composite offering the ultimate level of performance from a denture tooth with esthetic characteristics indistinguishable from natural teeth.

  • Complete, Partial, Implant
  • Nano Hybrid Composite
  • The Ultimate in Esthetics
  • Resistance to abrasion from high chewing loads
  • Increased breaking strength
  • Impact resistance to dampen applied forces
  • 15 Maxillary Anterior Moulds
  • 5 Mandibular Anterior Moulds
  • 2 Occlusal Schemes: 22° Semi-Anatomic
  • Lingualized Occlusal-Gerber concept
  • 16 A-D and 2 Bleach Shades
  • Total Satisfaction Guaranteed