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    ProArt CAD Wax Discs

    ProArt CAD Model discs are made from a dimensionally stable, easy to mill polyurethane material. Ideal for making CAD/CAM arch models which are virtually unbreakable and keep their shape. These blanks are easy to mill and because the chips are of uniform size, gentle on the extractor.

    This disc is available in a 20 mm thickness and millable on the PrograMill PM3, PM5, and PM7.

    ProArt CAD Wax blue
    is suitable for the fabrication of crown and bridge models for the casting technique. Due to the high melting point, the wax discs can be processed without smearing. Their thermal stability makes it possible to produce large-span objects. ProArt CAD Wax blue burns out without leaving a residue.

    ProArt CAD Wax yellow
    is used for the press technique. The wax is specifically designed to suit the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic IPS e.max Press. The material burns without leaving a residue and combines well with modelling and cervical waxes such as the ProArt waxes.

    ProArt CAD Wax pink
    is used to create wax try-ins and individual wax bite rims in complete denture prosthetics. The discs can also be used for conventional finishing procedures in injection and pressing techniques – the ability to boil out for wax removal makes this possible.

    The benefits of ProArt CAD materials:

    Increase machine utilization
    Millable wax discs facilitate the fabrication of wax patterns and optimize machine utilization.

    Less rework
    The milled objects are distinguished by their smooth surfaces. The restorations have a high surface quality, and this reduces the reworking time.