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    PrograMill PM3

    The PrograMill PM3 is an ideal performance mill for the digital dental laboratory. This universal mill is suitable for wet and dry processing, while remaining compact in size. Its industrial features, such as the zero point quick release clamping system for millable discs and 5-axis with harmonic drive, allow for the processing of a wide range of materials and indications.

    The PrograMill PM3 incorporates a modern design and is controlled via the integrated PC with touch-screen monitor. The fully automatic material management system confirms the correct tools correspond with the respective machining strategy. The 12-position tool changer ensures that production is carried out autonomously and consistently.

    Features & Benefits Overview:

    • Hybrid operation: Automatic change between wet and dry operation
    • 12-position tool changer automates tool usage for independent processing
    • Distortion free machine bed
    • Quick release system for millable materials
    • Intuitive touchscreen user interface with integrated CNC PC for convenient operation
    • High precision and consistent results
    • Intuitive and efficient operation
    • Intelligent machine management provides hands-off automation


    • IPS e.max CAD
    • IPS e.max ZirCAD
    • IPS Empress CAD
    • Telio CAD
    • Colado CAD CoCr4
    • Colado CAD Ti2 und Ti5
    • SR Vivodent CAD
    • IvoBase CAD
    • ProArt CAD


    • Inlays, onlays, veneers
    • Partial crowns, crowns
    • Bridges
    • Hybrid bridges
    • Digital complete dentures