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    Tetric® PowerFill

    Sculptable Nano-Hybrid Composite

    Tetric PowerFill

    Tetric PowerFill is a sculptable, nano-hybrind posterior 4-mm composite with light-curing times starting from 3 seconds.  Tetric PowerFill harnesses the power of innovation to ensure a 4mm depth of cure in just three seconds (when cured with the BluePhase PowerCure curing light). 

    These proprietary technologies include:
    Ivocerin® - The highly reactive light initiator Ivocerin enables esthetic increments that feature an enamel- and dentin-like translucency and a reliable depth of cure.

    Aessencio® technology - Presents a milestone in the esthetic optimization of 4-mm
    composites. The material features a high initial translucency to be able to cure to the desired depth of cure. During polymerization, it gradually changes to a more opaque shade. A new Chain Transfer Agent (AFCT) – This innovation leads to lower shrinkage and higher strength

    Advantages (when used as part of the 3s PowerCure System)

    • Natural esthetics in posterior teeth
    • Higher process reliability due to fewer increments
    • Fewer errors due to shorter curing times and intelligent curing
    • Same performance as conventional composites1
    • Time savings of up to 57% in posterior restorations2

    1 Data on file
    2 Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow compared to Tetric EvoCeram and Tetric EvoFlow; data available on request.