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    The unique SURE-CAP delivery system emphasizes simplicity and safety in the dental office.

    Featuring palladium-enriched, premium dental materials including Valiant, Valiant Snap-Set, Valiant Ph.D., and the SURE-CAP delivery system, the complete Valiant line demonstrates reduced marginal erosion and exceptional compressive strength.

    Palladium-enriched for high early strengths, all Valiant products including Valiant, Valiant Snap-Set and Valiant Ph.D, feature superior handling characteristics, corrosion resistance and exceptional compressive strengths.

    The unique SURE-CAP delivery system emphasizes simplicity and safety in the dental office.

    Valiant (Spherical Formulation)

    This original spherical amalgam formulation has been a proven champion for over 20 years. Palladium enriched for remarkably high early strengths and with a high copper content for added corrosion resistance, the spherical particles provide exceptionally smooth carving and burnishing.

    Formulated to completely eliminate the corrosive Gamma II Phase, Valiant has a 1 hour compressive strength of 43,500 psi, which is 58% of its 24 hour strength. In addition, Valiant offers low creep and low dimensional change reducing the chance of marginal erosion.

    Valiant Snap-Set (Fast Setting Spherical Formulation)

    A true revolution among dental amalgams! Valiant Snap-Set offers a 1 hour compressive strength of more than 43,000 psi and sets within 5 minutes saving valuable chair time.

    Palladium enriched for high strengths, long lasting performance and improved corrosion resistance, Valiant Snap-Set has all-spherical particles for smooth carving and burnishing.

    Valiant Ph.D (Phase-Dispersed Formulation)

    Carrying on the Valiant tradition in a phase-dispersed formulation, Valiant Ph.D. has the lowest mercury content of any dispersed phase system and a high copper content that eliminates the Gamma II compound completely.

    Palladium enriched to build early strength, Valiant Ph.D. resists corrosion, tarnishing and marginal deterioration. Plus its fine particle size results in smoother carving, faster wetting, faster setting and a denser amalgam mass.

    SURE-CAP the delivery system that sets Valiant apart from all other amalgams

    All Valiant formulations feature the advantages of the SURE-CAP ultrasonically welded capsule. The SURE-CAP is welded air-tight during filling o prevent mercury vapor contamination of the working environment during storage and trituration. As trituration begins the mercury containment pillow ruptures and the mercury is expelled into the mixing chamber. After trituration is completed the capsule top is removed using the accompanying opener.

    No manual activation prior to trituration No pestle Almost no risk of mercury leakage or mercury vapor contamination.

    • High strengths
    • Outstanding handling properties
    • Superior corrosion resistance
    • Exceptional smoothness for easy carving and burnishing
    • Low creep and dimensional change
    • SURE-CAP delivery system
    • All posterior amalgam restorations
    • Core build-up under PFM restorations