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Valiant Snap Set

A true revolution among dental amalgams!

Valiant brand amalgams have been proven performers in dental offices for over twenty years. Palladium-enriched for high early strengths, all Valiant products, including Valiant, Valiant Snap-Set and Valiant Ph.D, feature superior handling characteristics,corrosion resistance and exceptional compressive strengths.

The unique SURE-CAP delivery system emphasizes simplicity and safety in the dental office.


  • All posterior amalgam restorations
  • Core build-up under PFM restorations


  • High strength
  • Outstanding handling properties
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional smoothness for easy carving andburnishing
  • Low creep and dimensional change
  • Available in #1, #2 and #3 spill sizes, and inquantities of 50/500
  • SURE-CAP delivery systemA true revolution among dental amalgams! ValiantSnap-Set offers a 1 hour compressive strength of morethan 43,000 psi and sets within 5 minutes savingvaluable chair time.