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    Virtual XD

    Make Your First Impression Your Best Impression!

    The makers of IPS e.max® bring you an advanced line of VPS impression materials featuring Extra Definition wash materials resulting in more accurate and better fitting restorations.

    • Optimized flow characteristics for deeper penetration into the sulcus and improved coverage of the preparation.
    • Advanced wetting ability for precise detail reproduction of both soft and hard tissue.
    • High tear strength to maintain the integrity of preparation margins and fine detail upon removal of the impression.
    Advanced Thermosensitive Properties

    The thermosensitive characteristics of Virtual XD allow the setting reaction to be accelerated immediately after the impression tray is seated in the patient’s mouth. This saves valuable chair time and ensures high quality impressions by reducing the risk of deformation that may be caused by movement of the impression tray during the setting time.

    Dimensional Stability

    As Virtual XD impressions maintain their dimensional stability for up to two weeks, there is no need to pour models immediately. Virtual XD impression materials are easy to disinfect and several models can be poured from one impression.

    Compatible with all Impression Techniques

    Virtual XD is designed to accommodate all popular impression techniques allowing you to choose the materials and technique best suited for each individual case.