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    Magic- A Modern Exploration of Restorative Dentistry

    Date and Location
    Oct 10, 2019 - Oct 11, 2019
    08:00 AM - 05:00 AM  
    International Center for Dental Education (Sarasota)
    7307 Merchant Court
    Sarasota, FL 34240
    United States of America

    USD  699.00  
    16 CE Credits

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    MAGIC A Modern Exploration Of Restorative Dentistry


    Reproduction of nature is a combination of magic and science, producing the illusion of mimicked nature and symmetry in an often unideal environment. As nature cannot be exactly replicated a technicians ability to understand the science and create the illusion of natural balance is critical.


    Join me as we explore the magic and science in restorative dentistry and learn the tricks necessary to simplify and accomplish its beauty with advanced techniques for 2019.


    Evaluation of modern and classic materials available on the market, their uses and advantages, and comparisons.  Hands-on training will cover a variety of materials to simplify everyday practical use and success including:


      • Zirconia infiltration and hand polishing 
      • A simplified natural approach to cutback and internal effects
      • Layering simplified with ceram selection and Ivocolor
      • Stain & Glaze utilizing new Ivocolor system and color theory
      • Trilor, a new fiber reinforced material and its many uses 
      • Effects and Illusions for enhanced aesthetics and quicker fabrication.


    Handouts provided to help participants document uses and advantages of materials in addition to simplified techniques for each creating knowledge and confidence for smooth implementation and success in their laboratory/office. This course also provides a composition of many of the tricks we learn in dentistry.


    Jo-Ann Levins
    Phone: +1 716 264 2154