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    Digital Denture Workshop

    Date and Location
    Feb 13, 2020 - Feb 14, 2020
    08:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    International Center for Dental Education (Sarasota)
    7307 Merchant Court
    Sarasota, FL 34240
    United States of America

    USD  599.00  
    You need to have the following to take this course: - Ivoclar Digital Denture Professional Add-on module -3 Shape Dental System Premium 17.2 or higher -3 Shape Full Denture Module (or CAD Points) - 3 Shape D750 Scanner or higher 3 Shape Scan It Impression Module 16 CE CREDITS ($199.00 Observer from same lab - maximum 2 attendees per lab)

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    The predictable fabrication of removable prostheses through digital processes provides today's digital laboratory with unique opportunities to enhance the quality of the services they provide and increase profitability in their business.  As a leader in this technology, Ivoclar Vivadent in partnership with 3Shape have introduced a digital design module (Digital Denture Professional) containing exclusive "oversized milling" workflows as well as Ivoclar Vivadent denture tooth libraries.  This design module coupled with state of the art Ivoclar Vivadent mills and mill-able materials round out a total system approach for delivery of predictable, high quality denture prosthetics. 


    Topics will include:


    ·         Ivoclar Vivadent materials and laboratory workflows


    ·         Clinical workflows and how to communicate these to clients


    ·         Production methodologies


    ·         Denture design methods to include:


    -   Full upper and lower try-in dentures with conversion to final dentures


    -   Immediate denture design to include model surgery and ghosting pre-op  teeth for denture set-up


    -   Digital rim (4 appointment) workflow


    ·         Post-processing techniques for creating:


    -   Natural looking tooth separation and embrasure contours for milled teeth


    -   Functional and hygienic denture base contours


    -   Esthetic enhancements using SR Nexco gingival shaded composite


    ·         Troubleshooting common issues




    Jo-Ann Levins
    Phone: +1 716 264 2154