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    Master Course B- Design and Fabrication of Attached Bar Over-dentures, Digital Planning , and All On 4 Conversions: Tom Wade CDT

    Date and Location
    Sep 17, 2020 - Sep 18, 2020
    08:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    International Center for Dental Education (Sarasota)
    7307 Merchant Court
    Sarasota, FL 34240
    United States of America

    USD  999.00  
    16 CE Credits

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    This course will examine the less prescribed but more complex arena of attached over-denture bar restorations, including design considerations for the Nobel Procera Paris Bar, utilizing popular Locator and Bredent VKS-SG attachments.

    Specialized processing techniques unique to attached over-dentures will be examined in depth, including the design and incorporation of cast chrome meso-structures,which are necessary components for long-term success. The class will participate in an actual processing of an attached over-denture bar case utilizing Phonares II Nano-hybrid composite resin denture teeth and the Ivobase injection processing system.

    Additionally, this course will examine the use of NobelClinician digital planning

     Software and the new Integrated Workflow, featuring the 2G Scanner and

     “Smart Fusion” technology for a better understanding of the laboratory role in virtual planning of an implant case.

    Communications between the surgical and restorative teams to better plan and execute to achieve an optimal restorative outcome

    • Digital planning of strategic implant placement and bone modifications necessary to adequately meet restorative requirements
    • Various surgical guides and apparatus fabricated by Laboratories to assist with implant placement
    • The All-on-4 concept and protocol for the day of surgery conversion of the immediate load provisional prosthesis
    • Working with either challenging or obsolete implant systems in which proper prosthetic fabrication components are unavailable

    This course provides a solid overview of this entire arena of technology, with an emphasis on bar design, attachment incorporation, occlusal schemes, and the fabrication techniques of an attached over-denture prosthesis.








    Jo-Ann Levins
    Phone: 716-264-2154