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    Ceramic Onlays

    Date and Location
    Aug 21, 2020
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    Auckland ICDE
    12 Omega St, Rosedale
    Auckland 0632
    New Zealand

    NZD  1029.25  

    6.5 hours CPD
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    Course Description

    Adhesive ceramic dentistry is conservative, strong and beautiful when correct clinical protocols are followed. It takes a mindset shift and different clinical organisation to switch from conventional crown preparation and cementation, to adhesive ceramic dentistry. Join Dr Shepperson as she walks through the clinical rationale and delivery for bonded ceramics in the posterior dentition.

    • Decide when to crown and when to do an onlay. What structural elements determine this decision
    • Preparation design for ceramic onlays
    • Using digital technology to ensure adequate clearance and record functional movements
    • How to get good provisional retention
    • Cementation options - select the correct cement for each situation. Why some cements are not appropriate
    • Select correct Ingots and shades for invisible results
    • Final occlusal adjustments - how to record the ideal occlusion and avoid extensive adjustments at the time of cementation


    Caroline Jones
    Phone: +64 9 914 9999