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    Digital Denture Awareness

    Date and Location
    Jun 11, 2020
    06:00 PM - 07:30 PM  
    ICDE Perth
    134 Charles Street, West Perth
    Perth, WA 6005


    1.5 hours CPD

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    Digital Denture is a manufacturing process which combines the digital production of removable dentures in the dental lab with established treatment steps in the dental practice. Ivoclar Vivadent now offers a complete process for the production of removable dentures to provide predictable and consistent results.

    Based on 3Shape software and combined with Ivoclar Digital materials and PrograMill milling equipment; Ivoclar Vivadent has been at the forefront of developing an aesthetic, accurate and systematic approach to Digital Dentures, building upon their proven Bio-functional Prosthetic System (BPS) concept. 

    After this lecture, delegates will have a basic understanding of:

    • Of the options available when integrating Digital Denture into the practice or lab.
    • How the coordination of Ivoclar Vivadent products into the systematic BPS SEMCD digital solution.
    • The benefits of Digital Dentures from a clinical standpoint.
    • The complete digital workflow solution for the laboratory and the following working steps:
    1. Primary impression using AccuDent XD
    2. Recording the patient measurements using the UTS CAD
    3. Scanning of the impressions & Centric Tray 
    4. Digital Custom tray design incorporating the Gnathometer CAD 
    5. Final functional impressions -
    6. Determining vertical and horizontal position with the Gnathometer CAD -
    7. Monoblock Try-In Design -
    8. Monoblock try-in and verification of dentures -
    9. Design & Milling of final Dentures -
    10. Finishing of complete Digital dentures

    Who should attend: 

    All wanting to improve their denture making and move into the Digital Denture workflows. Suitable for Dentists, Prosthetists, Clinical and dental technicians.


    Pat Mehta
    Phone: 0397959599