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    ExciTE F DSC Single Dose Regular Refill 50 x 0.1g

    Product Number: #630378AN

    ExciTE F DSC Single Dose Regular Refill 50 x 0.1g

    ExciTE F DSC is a filled, dual-curing, adhesive for enamel and dentin bonding in conjunction with the total-etch technique.


    • Cementation of endodontic posts, e.g. FRC Postec Plus
    • Adhesive cementation of metal-free restorations
    • Adhesive core build-ups or restorations with dual- or self-curing composites


    • Innovative Brush Technology contains dual-cure catalyst for single-step application
    • Easy and quick – one layer, no light-curing required
    • More convenient processing – no mixing errors, no light-curing, no interference with the accuracy of fit of the restoration
    • High economic efficiency – the single-dose delivery form ensures hygiene and fresh adhesive for each application
    • Available in single-dose units in two brush sizes: regular and small / endo

    Delivery Form:

    • Regular 50 x 0.1g

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