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    Bluephase Meter II

    Product Number: #667124

    Bluephase Meter II

    LED Curing Light Radiometer


    • Highly accurate radiometer for all types of curing lights


    • Unique measuring principle for the accurate measuring of light intensity
    • Can be used for all dental curing lights including plasma, halogen, and LED
    • Portable device with ergonomic design for daily mobile use
    • Unprecedented measuring accuracy for a radiometer with a accuracy of ± 10 % compared to the measurement with conventional radiometers that have accuracy of >± 20 %
    • Dental-specific measuring range for wavelength ranges of 380 – 550 nm and light intensities of 300 – 12,000 mW/cm2
    • Digital display
    • 3-year warranty

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    • Bluephase Meter II

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