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    IPS Empress Direct Color / Opaque Assortment

    Product Number: #637898AN

    IPS Empress Direct Color / Opaque Assortment


    Masking of:

    • Exposed metal surfaces when repairing defective ceramic and composite veneers intraorally;
    • Discoloration on teeth


    • Due to IPS Empress Direct Opaque’s outstanding masking ability, the application of a thin layer is sufficient to effectively cover up unsightly stains and metal surfaces.

    Delivery Forms:

  • IPS Empress Direct Color/Opaque Assortment
  • IPS Empress Direct Color: 7 x 1g
  • White, honey yellow, ochre, brown, purple, blue, grey
  • IPS Empress Direct Opaque 1 x 1.8g
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