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    Heliomolar HB Refill 1 x 3g

    Product Number: #B601317
    Heliomolar HB Refill 1x3g A1 559644AN
    Heliomolar HB Refill 1x3g A2 560195AN
    Heliomolar HB Refill 1x3g A3 560196AN
    Heliomolar HB Refill 1x3g B1 560197AN
    Heliomolar HB Refill 1x3g TW 563478AN

    Heliomolar HB Refill 1 x 3g

    Heliomolar HB is a light curing, “Heavy Body”, reinforced microfill restorative material


    • Heliomolar HB is indicated for all class I and class II direct restorations


    • “Heavy Body” consistency delivers advanced handling characteristics
    • Microfill chemistry provides a high gloss polish, smooth
    • surface finish and long-term color stability
    • High compressive strength for long-term durable posterior restoration
    • Low wear rates increase the longevity of the restoration
    • Radiopaque for easy detection on x-rays
    • Fluoride release


    • A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, GE, TW

    Delivery forms

    • Syringes
    • Refill 1 x 3g
    • 1 Syringe, 3g each (11 shades)

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