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    Tetric Evo Line System Kit Cavifil

    Product Number: #686718WW

    Tetric Evo Line System Kit Cavifil

    Tetric EvoCeram and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill are sculptable composites that can be applied with the conventional incremental technique, with the latter suitable for increments of up to four mm. Their flowable counterparts are Tetric EvoFlow and Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill.

    Each of the four products are arranged in relation to their indication in the kits, making it easy to tell at a glance which material is best suited for the cavity class in question. Kits are available in Cavifil or syringe assortments.

    Cavifill Kit Contain:

    • 10 ‐ Tetric EvoCeram shade A2
    • 10 ‐ Tetric EvoCeram shade A3
    • 5 ‐ Tetric EvoCeram shade A2 Dentin
    • 10 ‐ Tetric EvoFlow shade A3
    • 10 ‐ Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill shade IVA
    • 10 ‐ Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill shade IVA
    • 1 ‐ Adhese Univeral 2ml VivaPen
    • 1 ‐ Brochure "One Solution for all Cavity Classes"
    • 30 ‐ Brush Cannulas VivaPen
    • 20 ‐ VivaPen Sleeves

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