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    Politip Finisher Refill x 6

    Product Number: #B601319
    Politip-F (D) Refill 6 533604
    Politip-F (C) Refill 6 533603
    Politip-F (B) Refill 6 533602

    Politip Finisher Refill x 6

    Multiple-use, 2-step polishing system for composites and amalgam. The system is composed of the grey Politip-F Finishers and the green Politip-P Polishers.


    • Small cup
    • Large cup
    • Flame

    Delivery Forms:

    • Politip-F (grey) Refill Politip Finishers
    • Flame x 6
    • Large cup x 6
    • Small cup x 6

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