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    Surefit Die Spacer 1/2oz

    Product Number: #B601234
    Surefit Die Spacer Grey 1/2 oz 690871
    Surefit Die Spacer Blue 1/2 oz 690870
    Surefit Die Spacer Thinner 1/2 oz 690872
    Surefit Die Spacer Dentine 1/2 oz 690873
    Surefit Die Spacer Red 1/2 oz 690874
    Surefit Die Spacer Gold, 1/2 oz 690875
    Surefit Die Spacer Silver 1/2 oz 690876

    Surefit Die Spacer 1/2oz

    Exhibiting smooth feel and flow, the Sure-Fit series of fast drying die spacers and sealers are characterized by superb thixotropic consistency, uniform homogeneous layer thickness, and precise control of varnish distribution without running or clumping.


    • Exceptional flow properties offer even distribution
    • 12 micron thickness
    • Uniform homogeneous layer thickness
    • High bond strength to all dental stones
    • Produces a smooth, dense, hard surface
    • Fast 13-second set time

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