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    Temp Esthetic 98.5 16mm

    Product Number: #B601211
    Temp Esthetic BL2 98.5-16MM/1 689107
    Temp Esthetic A1 98.5-16MM/1 689110
    Temp Esthetic A2 98.5-16MM/1 689113
    Temp Esthetic A3 98.5-16MM/1 689116
    Temp Esthetic A3.5 98.5-16MM/1 689119
    Temp Esthetic A4 98.5-16MM/1 689122
    Temp Esthetic B1 98.5-16MM/1 689125
    Temp Esthetic B2 98.5-16MM/1 689128
    Temp Esthetic C1 98.5-16MM/1 689131
    Temp Esthetic C2 98.5-16MM/1 689134
    Temp Esthetic C3 98.5-16MM/1 689137
    Temp Esthetic D2 98.5-16MM/1 689140
    Temp Esthetic D3 98.5-16MM/1 689143

    Temp Esthetic 98.5 16mm

    Rejuvenating a human smile is a great privilege and absolute joy. It's the reason why we exist. Thanks to Temp Esthetic, we help the patient with their provisional smile, while you create the everlasting one. Poly-chromatic layering and beautiful dentine transition, as light passes through, will no doubt garner an emotional impression. To smile is to live.

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