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    Purity Wax Beige 98.5

    Product Number: #B601172
    Purity Wax Beige 98.5-12MM/1 689077
    Purity Wax Beige 98.5-14MM/1 689078
    Purity Wax Beige 98.5-16MM/1 689079
    Purity Wax Beige 98.5-18MM/1 689080
    Purity Wax Beige 98.5-20MM/1 689081

    Purity Wax Beige 98.5

    Purity Wax was born to bridge the analogy and digital divide with one Wax for precise milling and easy hand carving.

    Once the wax units are milled, it is now ready for your signature by your own hand.  You will be sure to enjoy Purity's pleasant, vanilla almond scent.

    You’ll imediately feel the ease of hand carving and the unique elastic feel as the pattern becomes one with the die.


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