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    Colado CAD Ti2 98.5

    Product Number: #B502131
    Colado CAD Ti2 98.5-10mm/1 686343
    Colado CAD Ti2 98.5-12mm/1 686344
    Colado CAD Ti2 98.5-13.5mm/1 686345
    Colado CAD Ti2 98.5-15mm/1 686346

    Colado CAD Ti2 98.5

    Colado CAD Ti2 are pure titanium discs, from which crowns and bridge frameworks for the anterior and posterior region can be milled. Their CTE is 9.6 ± 0.5 * 10-6 /K. The restorations are veneered with SR Nexco® laboratory composite.

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