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    IPS Style Ceram Paste Opaquer 5g

    Product Number: #B601660
    BL1/BL2 701564
    BL3/BL4 701565
    A1 701566
    A2 701567
    A3 701568
    A3.5 701570
    A4 701571
    B1 701572
    B2 701573
    B3 701574
    B4 701575
    C1 701576
    C2 701577
    C3 701578
    C4 701579
    D2 701580
    D3 701581
    D4 701582
    White 701584
    Brown 701586
    Incisal 701587
    Pink 701583
    Violet 701585

    IPS Style Ceram Paste Opaquer 5g

    The patented metal-ceramic material, IPS Style offers dental labs maximum efficiency, easy handling and life-like esthetics. This is the first material in the history of dental ceramics to contain oxyapatite crystals. These crystals reflect a high amount of incident lighting and provide restorations with a natural-looking depth.

    Oxyapatite crystals are contained in all the shaded components, ranging from the opaquer to the incisal materials. This allows the translucency or opacity of the restoration to be controlled as needed. The additionally contained leucite and fluorapatite crystals and the coordinated glass phases impart this low-fusing mixed-glass ceramic with unique handling and optical properties.

    IPS Style is comprised of components for single and multiple layer techniques. The materials are all matched to the stains and glazes of the versatile IPS Ivocolor system.

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