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    Product Number: #B601239
    AESTHETIC Blue Monomer 150ml 674265
    AESTHETIC Blue Monomer 500ml 674266


    Natural colors

    The virtually perfect illusion of a natural gingiva. One of the most important properties of the CANDULOR resins is their natural color effect. The special semi-opaque pigmentation of the resins refracts and reflects the incident light. This gives the artificial gingiva its natural pink hue.

    High quality materials

    The cold-curing resin consists of a selection of high quality raw materials. They form the basis for the optimal physical properties of the products.

    Colors for true esthetics

    • 0 Clear
    • 1 Soft Pink, non-veined
    • 3 Natural Pink, veined
    • 5 Pink, veined
    • 34 Original Pink, veined

    Inspiring features

    • Semi-opaque pigmentation
    • Excellent flow characteristics
    • No air bubbles
    • Outstanding fit
    • Durable shape and color for years
    • Physiological colors

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