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    AESTHETIC RED, Monomer

    AESTHETIC Red Monomer 150ml 674267
    AESTHETIC Red Monomer 500ml 674268

    AESTHETIC RED, Monomer

    Color harmony and perfection

    RED – the AESTHETIC heat-curing resin displays the entire spectrum of the harmonious CANDULOR color system. This gives you the opportunity to recreate the natural perfection of the gingiva.

    High quality materials

    The heat-curing resin consists of a selection of high quality raw materials. They form the basis for the optimal physical properties of the products.

    Colors for true esthetics

    • 0 Clear
    • 1 Soft Pink, non-veined
    • 3 Natural Pink, veined
    • 5 Pink, veined
    • 34 Original Pink, veined

    Inspiring features

    • Outstanding fit
    • Physiological colors
    • Low residual monomer content
    • Wide range of polymerization variants
    • Color stability
    • Simple handling
    • Semi-opaque pigmentation

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