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    SR Ivocap US-L/US-P (25 US-L and 25 US-P Capsules)

    Product Number: #NA3621512

    SR Ivocap US-L/US-P (25 US-L and 25 US-P Capsules)

    SR Ivocap High Impact is an encapsulated denture base material with a methylmethacrylate base. This SR Ivocap denture base along with the SR Ivocap processing system assures accurate fitting dentures with low porosity. The SR Ivocap denture base material is indicated for full and partial dentures, occlusal splints, relines, and rebases.

    • No increase of vertical dimension
    • Dense, low porosity denture
    • Pre-dosed capsules to ensure exact liquid: powder ratio and a clean working environment.
    • Superior patient acceptance
    • Excellent physical and clinical characteristics

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