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    Vertical & Centric Recorder Complete Set

    Product Number: #662475

    Vertical & Centric Recorder Complete Set

    Vertical & Centric Recorder Kit
    The VCR Kit is a technologically advanced intra oral tracing device developed by Dr. Frush Swissedent Foundation. This intra oral bite recorder has become a must tool to establish a physiologic centric and a proper vertical dimension for premium denture construction. This Intra Oral balancer allows you to arrive at the precise vertical dimension and centric relation best for each individual patient.


    • Improves function of the dentures
    • Proper centric relation
    • Physiologic vertical dimension
    • Allows free movement of the condyles
    Kit includes:
    • 2 Striking Plates
    • 2 Long Bars
    • 1 Short Bars
    • 3 Long Screws
    • 1 Short Screw
    • 3 Threaded Sleeves
    • 3 Hex Nuts
    • 1 Strip of 5 Centric Stops
    • 1 Inking Pen
    • 1 Wrench

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