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    Sagemax NexxZr T W98 10mm

    Product Number: #B502480

    We are pleased to announce that beginning January 1, 2021, Sagemax products will now be sold through the following dental dealers below, please contact one of the three dealer partners to place your Sagemax orders:

    NexxZr T A1 W98-10mm 691625
    NexxZr T A2 W98-10mm 691763
    NexxZr T A3 W98-10mm 691764
    NexxZr T A3.5 W98-10mm 697835
    NexxZr T A4 W98-10mm 697836
    NexxZr T B1 W98-10mm 697837
    NexxZr T B2 W98-10mm 691765
    NexxZr T B3 W98-10mm 697838
    NexxZr T B4 W98-10mm 697839
    NexxZr T C1 W98-10mm 697840
    NexxZr T C2 W98-10mm 697841
    NexxZr T C3 W98-10mm 697842
    NexxZr T C4 W98-10mm 697843
    NexxZr T D2 W98-10mm 697844
    NexxZr T D3 W98-10mm 697845
    NexxZr T D4 W98-10mm 697846
    NexxZr T OM1 W98-10mm 691766
    NexxZr T OM2 W98-10mm 697847
    NexxZr T OM3 W98-10mm 697848

    Sagemax NexxZr T W98 10mm

    Strong preshaded zirconia that comes in 16 Vita Classic Shades and 3 bleach shades. Indicated for single crowns to full-arch bridges, with 1,270 Mpa of strength . Available in a variety of thicknesses for Wieland Zenotec®, Röders, Organical®, ZirkonZahn®, Amann Girrbach Ceramill® machines and the discs can fit most open systems as well.

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