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    Telio Inlay Refill 30 x 0.25g

    Product Number: #B601466
    Telio CS Inlay Refill 30x0.25g Transp. 635334AN
    Telio CS Inlay Refill 30x0.25g Universal 635333AN

    Telio Inlay Refill 30 x 0.25g

    Telio CS Onlay

    Light-cured single-component materials for the temporary restoration of Class I and II cavities - without having toadditionally use temporary cement.


    The hard-elastic consistency of Telio CS Onlay makes it particularly suitable for use in the:

    • Larger or less retentive preparations such as onlay preparations.
    • Reline prefabricated polycarbonate crowns or seal implant screw channels.
    • Advantages:

      • Bacteria-tight, color-stable temporary restorations with reduced build-up of odor
      • Easy application
      • Bonds to the tooth and not the instrument
      • High elasticity after light-curing ensures easy removal
      • Low polymerization shrinkage
      • Contains Triclosan, an antimicrobial substance
      • Available in screw-type syringes as well as Cavifils


      • Transparent, Universal

      Delivery Forms:

      • Telio CS Inlay Cavifil Refill 30 x 0.25g

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